Remembering 9/11.

21 years.

So much life has happened in this amount of time and yet it still feels like it was yesterday.

I didn't personally know anyone who was taken from us on 9/11, but you will never forget the way that day made you feel.

Feeling of being unsafe, panic, sadness, confusion. The word that sticks out to me the most is confusion. Why? Think about the reasons why this horrific act was carried out. Are you confused? Me too.

I was in Freshman year World Geo, 2nd period. Our teacher has put it on the radio and we were all so confused as to what was happening. Panic started to spread. Onto my other periods teachers were getting out the TVs. Only this time it wasn't exciting. It showed terror.

I still remember parents coming to get their children. Even though we lived in Texas, we had no idea what else they were going to do. There were threats all over the US.

So now 21 years later, we remember.

We hold strong and be courageous in our convictions as Americans, just like those on flight 93. We show love like all the families who called to say their last goodbye. We stand up and support, just like the civil servants who did that day. We serve, just like those who served the War Against Terrorism.

We are American & we will never forget.