Wildflower Guide:

In Texas we have some of the most incredible fields of wildflowers. From Bluebonnets to Indian Paint Brushes & every color in-between! They are so beautiful for photos. So much so that they attract thousands of people to them every year! Native Texans & travelers alike. Coming together to marvel at their beauty. I can't say I disagree. I am excited every year to take my children's photos in the wildflowers. Any that we may be able to find. Usually we make a day of it! (My mom is always my sidekick for the day, we love it!) We always pack a lunch, make a Bucee's stop, & drive until we find flowers. It is always a glorious day full of adventure and memories. Yes, my children usually complain when it's picture time ha! I mean they are kids...they try.

I can never get these memories back though. March 2020. Rainy, chilly, dreary, & cloudy. I'm here for it!

Wildflowers are apart of nature. We need to respect them. Nurture them. Mostly importantly protect them. So here is a guide on the do's and don'ts of Wildflower & Bluebonnet season to help ensure we will see them for generations to come!

  1. DON'T trample the Bluebonnets or Wildflowers. - When you trample them they can't produce seeds & likely will not come back the next year. I have slowly seen many bluebonnets fields disappear over years of constant trampling. This is why I keep most of my locations secret. ;) I want to ensure they will be around for generations. The second part to this is when wildflowers are smashed it does have an effect on the soil. (Be mindful of nature)
  2. DO pick up after yourself. - Leave the area more untouched than when you arrived. Don't leave trash (take a bag & clean up), don't use confetti or glitter for a photo (it's not biodegradable & not worth it), don't pick the flowers (it is not illegal, but it is considered destruction of property).
  3. DON'T ingest the flowers. - Bluebonnets are toxic to humans and animals. Keep them out of your littles mouth. (Use snacks to distract them)
  4. DON'T park illegally. - This one is HUGE! Don't disrupt traffic or park in an unsafe place. I always see cars parked along 290 toward Hill Country & this can be very unsafe. Do not go onto private property. Be respectful of others space. We have so many parks that have Bluebonnets every year. Buffalo Bayou & Terry Hershey Park are great locations for a sweet shoot.
  5. BE CAREFUL - Wildlife is beautiful. It is also wild. Be on the watch for snakes (they are good at hiding), ant piles, & bees/wasps. It is their home and we are stepping into it. Be respectful of their space and be super careful where you put your child. I always wear rain boots to all of my field sessions and inspect the area before I place anyone down.

Spring is the best season for a photoshoot. Parents want to documents their babies and create memories. Use this guide to help keep you safe and our wildflowers preserved.

I can't wait to take my boys out this year! I can't believe how much they have grown in a whole year! If you are interested in booking a session with me go to my CONTACT page & fill out the form. I will contact you and discuss all of the details. I'm excited to hear from you!



"We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

—Native American Proverb