How To Prepare For Your Newborn Session:

This is possibly one of the most exciting and exhausting sessions you will ever have. As a mama to four wildlings I know first hand how exhausting the days after giving birth can be. I hope this guide will help you to prepare for your session and also give you the grace in knowing we are not aiming for perfection here.

I will be your helper, cleaner, baby whisperer, support and friend the entire way through.

Lets chat about the most important key ways you can best prepare for your session:

Prepare to get in the photos -

I know the thought of getting dolled up for a photoshoot may be the last thing you want to do, however these moments go by so fast. I know getting in the photos will be something your future self will thank you for. Make it as easy as possible. Choose easy outfits that make it comfortable to move around in. Click Here to see outfit recommendations.

Get ready to snuggle lots -

The best thing about lifestyle photography is we get to document the sweetest first moments of your little ones life. We will get super up close and personal with your baby. Think cozy thoughts and breathe your baby in. This is the ultimate goal.

Patience is key -

Newborn sessions can take up to 4 hours depending on your little one. As you are all adjusting to a new routine there may be lots of moments we will need to take a break. There may be snuggles from mom and dad needed, diaper changes, feeding and possibly some tears. This is all part of the process and I am here to hold your hand through it.

How to prepare your little one -

It is best to feed and change your baby right before your session to make sure they are good and sleepy.

Safety -

This is the most important factor for your newborn photoshoot, safety. Both keeping your baby safe while posing and also keeping them safe from sickness. As a photographer who has been handling newborns for years and a mama of 17 years I am well versed in newborn safety. I will always have face masks on hand for anyone who requests me to wear one I will be happy to do so. Upon my arrival I will wash my hands throughly and I keep hand sanitizer on hand as well to use throughout the sessions. As a lifestyle photographer I will not do complex posing, all poses will be natural and handling baby with the greatest of care.

Prep List -

  • Choose 2-3 neutral outfits and blankets.
  • Pacifier - super helpful to keep baby calm.
  • Spot clean home - I will be happy to move things or help tidy, anything I move will be put back at the end of our session.
  • Don't forget sibling outfits.

A newborn session is one of the greatest joys I will ever have as a photographer and I am thrilled you have entrusted me to document such a sweet milestone in your families life.

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