Style Guide | How to Prepare for your Family Photoshoot

The task can seem daunting, however I am here to guide you in the right direction to successfully prepare for your family photoshoot!

Here are a few key point to keep in mind:

  • Stay away from matchy matchy - Mix & Match is the best way to go!
  • Add in textures, they create excitement in your photos.
  • Start with mom & dress everyone around her.
  • Don't forget your nails. It is always last on the list to remember, but make all the difference!
  • Stay true to who you and your family are, the key is to elevate.

Let's take a deeper dive into each key point starting with matchy matchy.

I am not completely opposed to matchy matchy photos. They truly have a time and a place. White shirts & jeans are great for simplistic sessions, mommy & me, or trendy photos. To create more depth in your families photos I would lean more toward mix & match. Start with mom and pull colors and textures from your outfit to style the family.

Textures and layers are so fun! They can add excitement and contrast to your families session. Accessories are so important and so are a great pair of shoes.

Nails - they are so easily missed. I can't tell you how many times I've take my kids photos and forgot to trim their nails or even clean them. Yikes. You don't have to get a full manicured set, but a good trim will make all the difference. :)

The most important piece of the puzzle is to stay true to your families style. If your family loves wearing converse, rock them! I love seeing mamas in skirts and dresses to add movement, but if that is not your vibe ripped jeans & sneakers can definitely make for an amazing photoshoot.

Every session that is booked with me will always receive style guidance.

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Much love, Sierra